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The rules for the official ScuteCraft Discord server
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General Rules
1. Follow the Discord Terms of Service at all times.
2. Do not use an inappropriate avatar.
3. Treat others how you want to be treated.
4. Use common sense.

Text Channel Rules
1. Do not spam or over-use Caps Lock.
2. No offensive messages.
3. Do not advertise your Discord server or other Minecraft servers.
4. Links, excessive caps and or excessive emojis are only allowed to be used in #spam.
5. Do not tag others without reason.
5. Do not edit your message to avoid the bots or the rules.

Channel Rules
1. Do not use soundboards.
2. No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.
3. No switching channels repeatedly.
4. Try to speak a language everyone understands in the voice channels unless you're alone with someone else who understands it.

Everything that happens (with exceptions) within the Discord, will stay within the Discord, so punishments are for the Discord server only.

Breaking any of these rules will result in up to 2 warnings, followed by a mute or potentially a ban. If you feel like you have been falsely punished, please message a moderator and they will look into it.

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